Pondering the Top Twitter Moments of 2011

I love Twitter. The more I use it, the more I love it. It’s the first thing I turn to in the morning, like perhaps how my parents turned to the newspaper over their breakfast.

Mashable just released the top 10 remarkable Twitter stories of 2011, and I have to say, some of them truly are remarkable in how they show the power of social media. I mean, really, try to imagine how much longer it would have taken the world to find out about Osama bin Laden’s assassination?

Some of the stories are truly amazing, like the trio of Londoners who used Twitter to recruit volunteers to help clean up after the summer riots in that city. And there’s a photo that went viral taken by a passenger on an airplane who saw the space shuttle’s return to earth from her window seat on her way to Palm Beach, Fla.

While this top 10 list is certainly worth a look, and about 10 minutes of your time, it also provides an opportunity to reflect on your own social media moments of the year.

Here’s my top 10 social media moments in order of impact on my life:

  1. Landing in the Detroit airport on 9/11/11, I tweeted about police coming aboard to take me and my row mates into detention
  2. Following the beginnings of the Occupy Wall Street movement on Twitter in September and October.
  3. Saying goodbye to Iowa through Facebook uploads as I drove from Des Moines to our new house and life  in Ohio.
  4. Finally getting a smartphone and connecting to my social media sites from anywhere at any time.
  5. My husband, after much caterwauling, joined Facebook in the summer. He still has no idea what Twitter is.
  6. In April I had my first opportunity to live Tweet from an event for work and even created our own hashtag! It was as exciting as waking up on my birthday to cake and ice cream.
  7. To ward off the winter blues in January and February, I created Ridiculous Outfit Monday with blog posts and Facebook posts.
  8. As part of my late winter boredom, I posed a diversity survey to my Facebook friends, trying to see if my FB social circle was as diverse as I thought it would be.
  9. As news of Steve Jobs death spread over the Twitterverse, it affected me more deeply than I thought it would.
  10. The introduction of Google+ sparked interest in late spring, and the new network continues to confound me.

What are your top social media events of the year?