The most connected Thanksgiving

Am I the only one to gather turkey roasting secrets from Twitter? Or gleaning ideas for side dishes and methods of creating delectable Thanksgiving meal with a little help from my friends — Facebook friends, that is. And what about Instagram and Pinterest? All those mouth-watering photos and ideas for place settings and table decorations are hard to resist.

With the help of social media, this Thanksgiving, and probably every future holiday from here on out just got a little bit easier, and harder.

While we are increasingly attached to our devices from the moment we wake up to the minute our eyes close for the night, it is possible that while we gather more information than ever thought possible in remarkably little time, are we missing something from the equation?

Thanksgiving has its purpose in its name. Our day of thanks, of expressing gratitude, of remembering what we hold dear.

To some of us it could very well be that our gadgets—our phones and tablets and laptops—are what we are most thankful for, but if we were to take all that away…all the tweets, the status updates, the viral videos and memes du jour, what would we have left?

Ponder this thought. And then be thankful to have the time and space to think about it. Take a moment to breathe in, to exhale slowly and to pay attention.

Look out a nearby window and carefully observe all that is out there.  Hum a short tune. Feel the vibrations of your throat. Be thankful to be alive.

And now you can pick up your phone again, snap that photo of the squirrel chasing a rabbit up the tree outside your window. Share it to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter. But remember to take those moments and give thanks to the simplicity of the here and now.

Happy Thanksgiving!