Tweeting a C-Section? Really?!?

I saw this headline today on Mashable:

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Of course I clicked.

Then I thought, have we taken social media too far? Have we lost all sense of privacy in this age of over-sharing, insta-liking and screen-time addiction?

As someone who has gone through a C-Section, there is no way I would have been comfortable having the operation live tweeted, blogged about, videotaped or in any other way made public. I’m sure the woman who has allowed the hospital in Houston that plans to publicize #MHBaby via its Twitter feed had a lot of waivers and releases to sign, and maybe the medical team—or more likely the hospital’s marketing team—told her she’d be helping other women understand the surgery.

But when I was in that operating room and the doctors told me they needed to get my twins out fast, there was no way I would have been OK with publicizing the event. I don’t even want to look at the pictures a resident took during the surgery.

There is something to say about passing along information. Actually, there’s lots to say. Everyone has an opinion. But to me, this goes a little too far. Why does the public need to know the bloody details of a surgeon’s perspective during a C-Section? Beats me. All I’d want to see is a healthy, crying baby coming into a loving mother’s arms.

What do you think?


Why I’m breaking up with Facebook: A Dear John Letter

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Dear Facebook,

Oh how I struggle with this decision, even as I write this. We’ve had so many good times. But I  think it’s safe to say what we both know: Lately we’ve just grown apart. I feel like I don’t even know you anymore.

It was fun at first. The relentless poking. The constant checking for new notifications. The long hours we spent together late into the night. I could hardly wait until morning to see you again.

But then you started violating of my privacy. Shoving your agenda in my face.  Bombarding me with useless information. Distracting me from actual reality. Occasionally, you bragged about parties I wasn’t invited to. Often you made me feel inferior to others for the dreams I never acheived. Or ashamed for sharing the dreams I did.

I wanted to make it work. Really, I did. I thought I just needed some space. I tried spending my free time with Twitter. I even gave Four Square a shot.

But the other Social Networks couldn’t fill the gap. They made me feel empty inside.

That’s why I’m breaking up with you. To find myself again. I know this won’t make me popular with family and friends who think we should stay together. But it’s the right decision for me. This is my chance to live my life to the fullest again, in the moment, and in the real world; Not with my face buried in my smart phone factory-loaded Facebook App, lightly stalking your News Feeds.

It’s not you, Facebook. It’s me.

Warm Regards,