Hey…that’s my Twitter handle!

Posted by Shoshana

I was wondering if BTW,WTF?!?! had a Twitter handle because due to my recollection–though my recollection is tired these days–I remember Aleza setting one up not so long ago.

Innocently I logged in to Twitter and searched for “BTWWTF.” Here’s what I got:

That’s right, take a closer look. That is a giant picture of a butthole.

Needless to say I was a bit taken aback. Indeed, I felt a little trampled upon. Perhaps somewhat violated as well. That was our Twitter handle!!! And this sicko (I’m a bit of a prude, admittedly) was capitalizing on our creativity! Well, I probably wouldn’t go so far as to say “capitalizing,” because he did only have 10 tweets and those who he follows and who follow him appear to be strippers and whores (whom, I would suppose have an appetite for rear ends).

So, of course, my immediate reaction upon seeing this profile is OMG, our “brand” is ruined. Sullied, so to speak, by this guy. Then I got to thinking about libel or slander, I suppose it’s libel in this case. Though we’d have no case.

But in the Twitterverse, if a person creates a fake profile of you–celebrity or not–do libel laws apply?

In June, Mashable posted its top 10 fake Twitter profiles. They are all celebrities, such as Betty White, Gary Busey, Oprah Winfrey and the Queen of England, so libel laws would probably not apply to them. But what sort of recourse would a layman have against a stolen profile? I guess that’s what they call identity theft.

What a piece of crap.