If Watergate broke today …

News of MJ’s death spread across Twitter and Facebook yesterday faster than crabs at band camp. As my friend Rebecca points out on Facebook, updates on social networking sites are becoming the source for news — and if  the story of Watergate broke today it might look a little like this:

@d33pthroat1 Dude! @nix is such an ass! Sent posse to @waterg8 for “fact finding” mission. WHTVR!

Here is BTW, WTF?!?!’s interpretation of how some other historic news stories might break today:

The OJ murder trial:
@thejuice Need my black gloves back.

@trippin1998 Can you suggest a good dry cleaner? @laydzmanpotusa has terrible aim. LOL!

JFK assassination:
@jackie It’s a beautiful day in Dallas. Let’s take the convertible.