Shoshana and Aleza

At its core, this blog represents a crossroads and a sounding board. Aleza and Shoshana, separated by great physical distance, use this space to stay in touch while sharing their wacky views of the world, particularly their thoughts and analysis of social media and social networking (which happens to be the main way they stay in touch). It’s the newest form of social networking: Social Friendworking.

Aleza and Shoshana met in 1999 when they were editors of weekly newspapers in Marin County, Calif. They soon discovered their shared affinity for hair care products, words, Mill Valley and cats named “Seamus” (looooong story). Together they trolled the landscape seeking out the latest scoops, met a hitchhiker who had his name legally changed to “Santa Claus” and even spent an entire weekend photographing litter. No matter the situation, there was always a lot of giggling involved.

More than 10 years later, they are both married (though not to each other) and are curly-headed-boy mothers (as in they both have little boys with curly hair). They share a mutual disdain for internet abbreviations like BTW, WTF and LMAO (gag). They use the aforementioned terms on a fairly regular basis.


3 thoughts on “About

  1. You guys are too cute! You’re like long-lost sisters, which would make Shoshi my long-lost sister-in-law.
    BTW, I originally read “Mill Valley” as “Milli Vanilli”. WTF?


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