National Unfriend Day: A Day to Trim Your Facebook Fat

Yesterday comedian Jimmy Kimmel endorsed the second annual National Unfriend Day (a holiday he invented). On this day, Facebook users are encouraged to unfriend those supposed connections who are nothing more than mere acquaintances. Though the holiday doesn’t have a Glazed Ham or Roasted Turkey, there is still quite a lot of fat trimming involved:

While we at BTWWTF?!?! have many opinions on Facebook friends and the process of unfriending, we are more interested to hear how you — our faithful readers — fared of National Unfriend Day. Did you trim much Facebook fat or were you an unfortunate trimee? Do you think Jimmy Kimmel should have thrown in a free Whopper? How long do you think it will be before National Unfriend Day becomes a Hallmark holiday? Let us know your thoughts and opinions on National Unfriend Day  in the comment section below:


4 thoughts on “National Unfriend Day: A Day to Trim Your Facebook Fat

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  2. I have an “un-friend” day every few weeks or whenever I add a friend and get curious who’s hanging around on my list. I’ve been on FB for just over three years now and have less than 100 friends. Most of these people I have met in person, would hang out with if in town, and generally consider them more than just casual people I know. As for people un-friending me, since you need to be friends with someone to actually get un-friended, its sort of a two way street. If you don’t add people for the sake of “yeah, I went to the same school as you but never talked to you” adding to your total, then you don’t technically need to un-friend once a year when Jimmy Kimmel says so. Just saying.

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