“Wanna byte?”

"Wanna byte?" -- Winning caption submitted by Sandrala

Thank you to all the participants in our first-ever caption contest. This photo was so good, we just had to put it out there.

We had so many great entries, we found it difficult to pick a winner. But the winning caption we agreed upon was “Wanna byte?” submitted by a semi-anonymous user going by the name “Sandrala.”

We also loved Rivki’s from Life in the Married Lane: “The underground world of apples who refuse to participate in Rosh Hashana.”

And Trevor Boelter from October Ghosts: “All right you, Fuji’s – the next dancer up is iTunes… get those bit coins out for lovely iTunes…”

Howard Freeman, from Wallustrations, made us chuckle with: “Call tech support, I think your Apple has a worm.”

Leslie scared us a little bit with her caption: “I am SO ready for archery practice, but no one is answering my craigslist ad!”

And Caroline made us wonder if we needed to hit the gym a little harder with: “You need to work on your core.”

Tracy Andropolis had us thinking of writing a clever short story told from the perspective of an apple: “See, I told you, the recipe for the apple pie is right here! Here she comes with the knife, run for it!”

And Meg Cook made us want to drop what we were doing and play a board game with “Apples to Apples.”

There are many other great responses posted on the comments section of the Caption Contest post. Please check them all out!

We had so much fun doing this and were able to use social media to get the word out, so that was fun, too.


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