This is your brain, this is your brain on Facebook

According to a recent study, my brain likes being on Facebook. Brain

The study, published in latest edition of The Proceedings of the Royal Society, posits that the size of the social parts of our brains — the right superior temporal sulcus, left middle temporal gyrus and entorhinal cortex — correlates to the size of our social network on Facebook. That is, if we have a lot of Facebook friends, we have a big social brain.

So I can conclude from this that as my network on Facebook grows so too does my brain. This is a good thing because as I have noted before, I feel I suffer from a growing affliction of Social Media Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, SMADHD. And, here I sit, at a nameless coffee shop, hours on end, trying to get some work done when all I can do is post on Twitter and Facebook. I do hope my attention span can last for the length of this blog post.

Mashable synthesized the study’s findings quite nicely, saying:

“Those with higher Facebook friend counts had more grey matter density in the amygdala, an area the study says was already known to be linked to real world social network size.”

What this says to me is that if one is socially engaged in real life it will be reflected in her Facebook network, and probably in her other social networks as well.

But, am I more likely to update my Facebook status or send out a new tweet than I am to sitting down to coffee with an old friend or getting on the telephone and making a real social connection? Probably. And, we have to admit, there is a problem in that.


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