OWS: The New Movement Live on Twitter

Twitter streamI’m sitting here watching a movement unfold. My Twitter stream flashes in the corner of my computer screen, showing updates from a three-week-old protest that is surging through the nation.

Occupy Wall Street started in New York Sept. 17 with an encampment in the financial district. It has since spread to cities across the country and is taking the social media universe by storm.

It’s exciting to watch, as logistically I am unable to participate, and it is a testament to the portability and immediacy of social media. I feel like I can support and spread the word through social media. I can stand in solidarity by retweeting and sharing links. While I’m not there in person standing up for working America and against corporate barons and a government that kowtows to their power, I can share with my followers and friends in my networks what I see going on.

The mainstream media have, until a few days ago, ignored the story. But the blogosphere has, and alternative media–like Democracy Now–have helped give the protesters momentum and credibility. And I’m glad to see it happening.

I was wondering when a movement that countered the hijacking of this country by corporate profiteers would erupt. I hoped that the Tea Party movement was not the only response to a crumbling nation that would arise.

And I believe that social media has helped the movement ignite and spread. It has helped people like me–far away from the protests–to participate and stay informed. But as I look at my Twitter stream with the #occupywallstreet hashtag, I can’t keep up. It’s moving faster than I can read…which is a good thing.

But I did come across this: a virtual march on Wall Street organized by MoveOn.org. I’ll be there to show my solidarity, and I’ll be tweeting, too, as I watch the social media revolution of the 99% unfold.


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