Enter “The Timeline”

Thank you, Aleza, for making my new Facebook profile look oh-so…spiffy. I do give you full credit, dear co-author, because you told me to do it because I was complaining about the new FB changes.

Here’s what I did in just nine easy steps presented by Mashable.The New Facebook Timeline

And now I have a new toy to tinker with.

The big question that looms now is whether my new Timeline on FB will lure me away from the 12 seconds I spend on Google+ every day. I would bet not. But that is partially because there is no one on Google+. Everyone is still on FB and loving it.

It reminds me of the time when I tried to get my friends to join Friendster. No one listened. Then came MySpace. No one listened. Then, all of a sudden, Facebook comes along and sweeps people off their feet. Even their parents are getting in on the action. This time around it wasn’t me who was inviting my friends and being rejected, it was them inviting me. I took the bait.

So here I am, faced with the behemoth of Facebook and this spunky little engine called Google+. Can both be juggled? Will FB continue to one-up G+? It’s still early in the game. But, right now, my money is on Facebook.


4 thoughts on “Enter “The Timeline”

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