Love triangle or circle of love? Facebook vs. Google+

As I’m finishing up the original Star Wars trilogy with my son, I am feeling a little combative. I miss the Facebook of old, and am hostile to the new revamped site that is harder to navigate and gives me only a smidgeon of the information I would like to see.

Google+ vs Facebook

The war is on! Image/GeekWord

But do I turn to Google+?

I joined the other day, and, admittedly, with all that is going on in my life. did not spend much time there. Few

of my friends are on there, and there seems to be a general lack of community.

I do not run in techie circles. My friends are normal people spread out geographically, but for the most part are not part of the media elite. We are faced with a conundrum here, much like the olden days when people were trying to decide between MySpace and Facebook.

All we want to to is keep in touch and maybe share a few photos or article links. Sure, we want to do it simply and efficiently. But we want to be where our friends can find us and where we can find them.

It’s still early, and time will tell if Google+ goes the way of the 8-track or becomes as ubiquitous as, well, Facebook. But today, the jury is still out.


3 thoughts on “Love triangle or circle of love? Facebook vs. Google+

  1. I really like G+ and see so much potential, but until some of my friends show up, it’s sort of like performing to an empty theater. As for the new Facebook. Meh. I’ll get used to it. The new Facebook App is pretty cool.

  2. I wrote about this myself and like you, I am torn between abandoning Facebook and migrating to Google+. More of my friends are looking me up on G+ and I am searching for them. I’m a techy, and I’m having trouble with the filtered views of Facebook now as I WANT to see all my information in a nice newest first list…. It isn’t like that. Google+, if you’re following a log of people, can get unruly really fast. The interface doesn’t allow for many tweaks, so its ends up being a lot of scrolling.

    I’m hanging in with both for a while especially since my Facebook smartphone app hasn’t been updated yet.

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