The experiment: A status update

There has been talk about Facebook and other social networking sites creating loose social ties, that is, while you are more easily connected to a multitude of people across vast geographic distances and time zones through a shared online medium, how many of those “friends” or “followers” are truly people you know and care about on an intimate or deep level?

When you really think about it, how many of those 473 Facebook friends could you consider a friend? Can you call them when you are having a rough day and need to talk? Do you even know their middle names (that is, if it’s not posted on their Facebook status update)?

While it could be possible to pontificate on the pros and cons of social networking for a day and a half, I’d like to focus on one particular benefit that it has allowed me. This blog.

While Azfree and I may be a time zone apart and a plane ride (including a stop-over) away from face-to-face interaction, this blog serves as a space in which we can connect and write back and forth to each other. It is our space that we share with the world where we can lay out our conversations and our common interests and see what comes of it.

It’s kind of like a new way of being pen pals. I feel a tad guilty about not supporting the USPS and the local stationery store in my correspondences with my friend, but this is so much more fun.


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