What’s the likelihood?

Posted by Shebshi

It was a warm summer day when the power of Facebook reared its head. Yes, back in a little sprawling town outside of Sacramento, I sat posting for all to see that I was heading to Nevada. No sooner had I posted that status update when my collaborator piped up: “Where in Nevada?”

And connection was made.

About 20 hours later, she was standing outside my hotel room in Ely, Nevada, her curly-haired toddler by her side. My curly-haired twins were in the room, and soon I found myself outnumbered by curly-haired boys under the age of 6.

If it hadn’t been for Facebook, there would have been no connection. No troupe of curlies. No train ride through the high desert. No fried chicken. No adventurous road trip conceived in a moment of inspiration.

And people say social media is dead.


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