Tweet dreams

There was a time during the 1990s when I was seriously addicted to Tetris. I played it so much and so often that my dreams became consumed with falling shapes fitting or not fitting into holes.

And during my final semester of college, I  spent so much time reading, in order to prepare for exams, that my dreams were filled with pages of text. For one straight week I dreamt in the written word, instead of images.

Well, last night, I experienced a completely new experience. I had a social networking dream that equaled the stereotypical dream where you’re running from something, but you feel like your stuck in molasses. I was desperately trying to post a tweet, but something was trying to prevent my fingers from pushing the buttons on my Blackberry keypad to get my message across. I woke up in a cold sweat with a cramped hand and not even a twitpic to show for it.


3 thoughts on “Tweet dreams

  1. Did I mention that I was addicted to Boggle one winter and dreamt of all the word combinations I could muster up? Stray letters flying around my brain space was pretty fun.

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