Jesus gets the win

Apparently all I needed to do was be a little heretical and mention Jesus. I have another blog, which is anonymous for some reason. It doesn’t really make sense that it is anonymous, but it is. Anyhoo, about a month ago I posted about a triathlon my husband did, which began with a prayer circle.

That lent me to rant about how I have been confronted by fervent Christianity and widespread religiosity in such a constant stream since I moved here to the Midwest, it has really been a cultural shock. My site traffic has exploded, just for this post. I don’t know what is going on, but I believe I may have been tagged a heretic.

Not that I mind. Well, I am a little curious. I hope not to have a letter bomb exploding in my face sometime soon if they ever find out my identity. They very well could. It’s not so hidden. I will think positive thoughts that whoever is flocking to my blog to only read that post and not leave any comments agrees with my assertions and isn’t a flaming lunatic with an itchy trigger finger.

Ah, the joys of cyberspace. Sometimes it just seems like it would be in everyone’s best interest to have a best friend who is also a tech geek.


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