More on Facebooking

Yes, the wonderful world of Facebook has tapped me in to long lost nemesi (is that plural?) and friends from past lives. It’s a little trippy to be communicating, albeit limited communication, with people I have not talked to in decades.

Aleza mentioned a sort of voyeuristic quality to Facebook and other social networking sites, and this is something that I think draws people in. I’ll tell you a story about this one time when I posted pictures of my husband getting a tattoo. For the entire week following the posting, people at his medical school he didn’t even know came up to him to tell him they saw his tattoo pictures on Facebook. He was a little terrified of Facebook before this incident, but afterwards he wondered who else could see things he wasn’t necessarily interested in sharing with people. Because I had posted the photos on my profile, they were visible to all my “friends” and all of my friends’ friends. The network spiraled out of control.

My husband is still rejecting the idea of Facebook. He refuses to join. He is a revolutionary, of course. And we will all learn our lessons in the end.


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