Moonwalking zombie?

Posted by A.

Michael Jackson is dead. TMZ said so first. But doubting whether they were a credible news source I couldn’t help but wonder if this was just some weird sort of Orson Welles-esque War of the Worlds experiment, using the internet instead of the radio to create hysteria. After they made the announcement, Twitter was FLOODED with posts on MJ. Is he? Isn’t he? Can TMZ be trusted? Why is he stealing Farah Fawcett’s thunder? I tweeted my War of the Worlds theory and my conversation quickly digressed as follows:

DailyFiasco @alezafree I was curious as to why TMZ hired Zombie Orson Welles.

alezafree @DailyFiasco Topping my list of things to do before I die: Hang with Zombie Orson Welles

DailyFiasco @alezafree He just sounds so sophisticated when he demands brains.

Read DailyFiasco’s blog entry on Michael Jackson and Twitter.

Finally the Los Angeles Times confirmed it and other media outlets followed suit. The King of Pop has Beat It.

Or has he??


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